拥抱蓝色大海 探秘海洋生物 重走海丝之路 A Field Trip to Haichang Ocean Park




The meaning of reading may well be expressed as to reflect life experience through books, and live with inspiration extracted from reading.

By Yang Jiang

生活是没有围墙的学校,世界是没有疆界的课本, 读书、 行走、 阅人, 知识、 眼界、 思维, 都是人们成长的路径、 生活的体验和心灵的养料。 三亚外国语学校一向重视学生的社会实践能力培养,我校的“行走课程”是带领学生探究自然、学科拓展、参与社会的有效途径和宝贵平台。Life is like a school stretching everywhere and the world is like a textbook without boundaries. We read, travel and meet others to gain knowledge, open vision and deepen thoughts. These make us mature, let us experience and nourish our spirits. As our school gives top priority to improving students’ ability of social practice, the field trip serves as a good platform and an effective way for students to explore the nature, construct their various subjects and participate in society.

本次研学活动通过集体旅行的方式将孩子们带出教室,走进丰富多彩的知识世界。以打卡探险的方式达到“玩中学, 学中悟” 的效果。The field trip, in the form of group travel, took students out of the classrooms and into the colorful world. We had many games designed for them to have fun so that they could learn by experiencing and become enlightened through thinking.

研学主题一  海上丝绸之路的历史积淀
在预演大厅里,学生们通过香料植物标本、 茶器、 司南、 艺术画谱、 纺织图及电子屏了解“海上丝绸之路” 的辉煌历史; 探索茶叶茶具的精彩艺术; 了解中国古代竹纸制造技艺。充分感受到古人的智慧和中华艺术瑰宝。 聆听海上丝绸之路故事:海上丝绸之路发展的两个高峰;外销瓷器的种类与特点;亲自闻一下五种香料; 熟记造纸术的四个步骤;熟记蚕织图的三个步骤。

Theme 1  “Maritime Silk Road”

In the pre-show hall, our students learned about the glorious history of the “Maritime Silk Road” through specimens of spice plants, tea utensils, Sinan, art paintings, textile drawings and electronic screens. Besides, they appreciated the art of tea and tea sets and knew about making skills of ancient Chinese bamboo paper. All these helped them feel the wisdom of our ancestors and the treasures of Chinese arts. Additionally, listening to the story of the Maritime Silk Road, they learned about the two peaks of its development as well as the types and characteristics of exported porcelain. At last, they even got the chance to smell five kinds of spices, learn the four steps of paper making and three steps of silkworm weaving.

研学主题二   海洋生物的童话世界
在欢乐剧场观赏萌萌的海狮奇趣表演, 以寓教于乐的形式, 展现出海洋动物聪慧及憨态可掬的形象; 近距离观察海龟、 海豚, 亲身体验海洋动物的智慧, 激发学生们积极主动学习海洋知识,探索海洋奥秘和保护海洋动物。 5月 23 日为世界海龟日, 中国海龟保护联盟成立, 通过课程学生们了解了海龟的分类与特征,年龄与生存条件;认识玳瑁;以及人类生活对海龟的伤害, 从而呼吁大家可以保护海洋生物, 爱护生态环境。

Theme 2   Fairytale world of marine life

In the theater, they watched the sea lion show and closely observed sea turtles and dolphins, which presented them the adorable and smart images of marine lives and provided them an opportunity to feel the wits of these creatures, and most importantly inspired them to study, explore and protect the ocean and the animals.

May 23rd is World Turtle Day. Meanwhile, China has also founded the Turtle Protection Alliance. Through presentations, students better understood the types, characteristics and living conditions of sea turtles as well as the way to tell their ages. On top of that, they got to know about hawksbills, the only kind in the sea turtle family that can digest glass. As human activities are putting sea turtles in danger, all of us should realize the urgent need to protect maritime creatures and the ecological environment.


研学主题三  小航海家·大航海梦
通过地理知识讲解、 历史文化学习学生们可以增长航海知识, 结合体育竞赛、 音乐舞台比赛以及故事会让学生们在有趣的游玩中体验小航海家的乐趣。学生们了解六分仪的构造与作用;通过拼图竞赛形式了解三位航海家——达伽马、 德雷克、 亨利王子; 瓦特发明蒸汽机的故事,及工业革命对人类社会的影响;皮划艇体验;保龄球竞赛;4D 射击竞赛。

Theme 3   Navigation

Students knew more about navigation by learning its geography and history. They had fun being navigators through a series of sport events, music competitions and storytelling. Moreover, they also learned how a sextant is made and how it works. Jigsaw puzzles introduced them the three navigators – Da Gama, Drake and Prince Henry. Then they were told the story of Watt inventing the steam engine and the impact of industrial revolution on human society. At last, they tried boating and had a bowling and 4D shooting competition.



Although the one-day trip was very short, our students gained a lot from it. Specifically, they cooperated in team activities with clear position. They resolved disputes by friendly discussion, not angry or fastidious. They were thoughtful, full of curiousness. They explored the world and learned to be practical and be themselves in society.

It seems that everyone has a memory of carefree childhood in summer days. Let us enjoy the wonderful time and create memorable stories!